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Line Control Systems

LCI- 90i
(Measurment Technology Northwest)
Tension - Cable Tension
Tension - Running Line Cable Tension
Tension - Web and Cable Tension

SINCE 1986, the Line Control Instrument division of Measurement Technology NW has been a world-wide leader of systems and solutions for line and cable monitoring and control. From the poles to the tropics, from oceanographic and offshore to construction and mining, MTNW is your source for high-quality, rugged products, technical systems and customer service.

The LCI-90i is a new, next-generation line control instrument that combines advanced signal-processing capabilities with the rugged reliability that made the original LCI-90 display a popular choice for new winch projects and retrofi ts of existing line monitoring equipment. Five fully-sealed pushbuttons within a heavy- duty 316 stainless steel front panel access an easy-to-follow English language menu for sensor calibration, I/O channel confi guration, alarm settings, network settings, and screen layout – all intuitive and right at your fingertips.

Tension, speed, and payout are displayed on a bright 320x240 electroluminescent display for unmatched 160° readability in all light conditions. Four I/O channels, serial networking capability, plus USB and Ethernet ports provide fl exibility in line monitoring, weighing, or SCADA applications. An internal CF disk permits on-board data logging, and the LCI-90i can be linked with remote displays to create a rig/ship-wide monitoring network.

• Full programmability via English language menus.

• Six alarms, independently linked to any high/low setpoint parameters.

• Confi gurable parameter position, scale, and units.

• Network confi gurable.

• Three modes of analog sensor calibration.

• On screen calibration, diagnostics, and confi guration security.

• Enclosure size: H5.7” x W7.6” x D4.5” (7.15” x 5.25” cutout).

• Watertight enclosure and mount available.

• Internal CF disk for data logging.

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